First Freight CRM is a simple-to-use, global web app that allows freight sales organizations to improve their sales results. Due to its focus on helping to sell ocean, air, road & 3PL services, First Freight CRM has everything forwarders need, but with a minimal and simple user interface.


A freight-specific design, a simple sales workflow and built-in freight sales reports and analytics, helps make First Freight CRM the most powerful tool available for freight sales organizations.

Cost Effective

Price is always a factor, but bottom line: First Freight CRM delivers more real CRM value for freight sales organizations than “customizable”, generic CRM platforms.


All the freight-specific features of First Freight CRM are available on all Apple iOS phones and devices… reps manage freight sales activities from anywhere, even while offline. Time-saver, game-changer. First Freight CRM Mobile Apps are here and offer tremendous advantages to reps in the field.

360 Degree Visibility
With built-in freight sales analytics

It all comes together with real-time access to freight sales reports and dashboards.

Freight Sales Analytics

Your pipeline comes alive with built-in reports and dashboards for visual score-keeping. Filter reports by mode, by origin / destination, by industry and more. View your Volumes, Revenue & Profit estimates at anytime, in real-time.

Integration with TMS

We provide professional services, by request, to integrate with your TMS and other internal systems. Our team of technologists are all friendly and speak freight fluently.


Mobile CRM Apps

First Freight CRM Mobile apps enable sales teams to view, add and update information while in the field - and sync with the cloud and web application.


Sales Reps and Station Managers collaborate with built-in tools to drive more revenue across your global business!

Mobile CRM for Freight Sales

Available to all subscribers, the benefits begin with freedom from the desktop.

Mobile CRM

Mobile Tips & Benefits

Add data into First Freight CRM without the hassle and time expended with typing: Once in CRM, tap the field you want to fill-in and then tap the microphone icon on your phones keyboard. Speak the data directly into CRM! It is easy to add Leads, Opportunities, etc. with this revolutionary feature.

Mobile CRM

Mobile Benefits

Tap the microphone icon on your keyboard and talk to add data directly into CRM. Call-planning or adding a comment or description to a deal has never been easier with this built-in feature.

Freight Specific Design

Simple, powerful program improves revenue for all modes and 3PL service offerings.


Subscribers manage Ocean FCL and LCL freight sales activities and performance with ease. View Volumes and Revenue estimates by Origin / Destination, Country and Port. Quickly assess your pipeline with built-in Ocean sales reports & analytics.


Indicate an Air Freight sales Opportunity and First Freight CRM flies into action! View pipeline air freight volumes, revenue & profit from any airport pairs using IATA database.


Road FTL and LTL, as well as other road service offerings like Expedited and Drayage are all accounted for. Whether it is a piece of a global transportation deal or all domestic, road freight sales has never been easier to manage and improve.


Many shippers today are asking forwarders for more help with third-party logistics services. Whether 3PL is your primary focus or any part of your forwarding business, First Freight CRM has you covered!

Our Workflow

With everything freight forwarders need already built-in, it is easy to get started and realize your ROI.


We could have lots of meetings together, but why? All of the freight sales reports and features you want are already built into First Freight CRM. There is not much to do but subscribe and start saving time, improving collaboration and watching your freight sales pipeline grow beyond your wildest dreams.


First Freight CRM is globalized and works in all languages and currencies. It comes with everything your sales team need already built-in and available on Day One. Fully supported with CRM training videos and materials. Rollouts are easy whether for a smaller team or a global forwarder with 500+ salespeople in five regions.


Because it was developed exclusively for freight sales, the complexity of traditional CRM is removed. In turn, freight sales reps feel comfortable engaging with the program and the benefits it offers them… therefore, more relevant CRM data gets entered where it is actionable. That represents real CRM value for freight sales teams and a great return on investment.

Professional Services

Take CRM to the next level with expert consulting, project management, custom development and reporting services.


Leverage freight industry specific expertise

By working closely with some of the world’s biggest and best forwarders, we built our CRM solution purely for freight sales activities, accommodating all modes, Origin / Destination, Shipper / Consignee…this process has provided us with freight industry specific expertise that can now be applied to our program or in other ways to help solve forwarders pain points.

Custom Development

Custom solutions to accelerate your capabilities

If you have specific IT-related goals that would help your sales team perform better, we should talk. We speak freight fluently and we are often able to provide custom solutions to accelerate your capabilities.

Project Management

Independent and accountable to ensure results

Unlike IT resellers, who have a very different business model, we developed First Freight CRM ourselves…this makes us independent and accountable to ensure results.

Custom Reporting

Analyze your data from various systems

Pull in freight transactions and other data from TMS and various internal and external systems. Create custom freight sales reports, dashboards and filters to better communicate and manage your teams’ performance.

First Freight CRM Pricing

Delivering Real CRM Value For Freight Sales Teams Worldwide

  • Express
  • Essential Freight Sales Management that saves time and improves performance.
  • $29 / month
  • Leads & Accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Multiple Lanes
  • Ocean, Air, Road, 3PL
  • Mobile CRM App
  • Email Support
  • Request Demo
  • Pro
  • Complete Freight CRM Solution with Analytics.
  • $75 / month
  • Get all Express features PLUS:
  • Exchange Sync
  • INVITE feature
  • Team Performance Dashboards
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Email Campaign Marketing
  • Phone Support + LIVE Web Training
  • Request Demo
  • Enterprise
  • For larger, data-driven freight sales organizations..
  • $125 / month
  • Get all Pro features PLUS:
  • Integration via API
  • Professional Services – 20 Hour Block included
  • Advanced Language Support
  • Premium Live Training & Support
  • Request Demo

In addition to providing our app with a choice of benefits for our subscribers, we offer a range of professional services, usually related to further improving sales or transparency. Please contact if you are interested in “Custom” programming, Campaign Marketing or discussing anything “above and beyond” what is included in the three Pricing Levels.

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We are a specialized CRM application dedicated to the global freight industry. First Freight CRM was built based on the requests and feedback from freight sales reps, station managers and senior executives. We continue to refine the program in this way in an on-going effort to make international freight sales easier.

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